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    Complete list of benefits of being in the Armed Forces

    This is an interesting thread. My wife has asked similar questions that are good to have answered. Unfortunately a lot of the answers that I've come up with aren't necessarily logical to all people. Now, I am by far not an expert in the realities of daily life in the Military and I need to...
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    Weapons Engineering Technician

    Thanks NavyShooter, that does make sense. It also sounds like the majority of WENGTECH work is not in the IT/Networking area as much as I thought, which is my primary interest along with the comms. As an Amateur radio (HAM) working on SDR, and practicing events such as Foxhunts, it looks like I...
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    Weapons Engineering Technician

    Thank you, there is a lot of great info in that response, I really appreciate it. I've done further research, including speaking to a Senior NCO regarding WENGTECH but I have further questions regarding the fire control systems. What can you share regarding the Fire Control specialty? I...
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    Weapons Engineering Technician

    Thanks for your contributions. This was posted a long time ago so I'm wondering... Is your sub-trade still selected for you? If a specialized sub-trade is working in that sub-trade 10% to 20% of the time between 5 sub-trades, would that still be considered a specialization? If so, what...
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    NAVCOM job duty breakdown?

    Information on the NAVCOM trade indicates three primary duties which are Voice communications on the bridge, electronic communications in the communications control room, and IT. Many of the posts on this site were from a number of years ago. Some of the responses I've read on this site indicate...