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  1. KnightShift

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    As Larry the cable guy would say:  Suing fast food joints for making me fat would be like suing Hustler magazine for giving me carpal tunnel syndrome....
  2. KnightShift

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    It can go a couple of different ways, but follows the basic formula outlined below: "I can't jelly my (insert appendage here) up your (insert orifice here)"
  3. KnightShift

    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    A little while back my wife and I were at the grocery store getting jam for some cookies she was baking.  As she was studying the jam/jelly section, she turns to me and asks: "What's the difference between jam and jelly?".  Needless to say she didn't appreciate the response  >:D
  4. KnightShift

    USMC vs Canadian Army..whos better?

    If you google "utilikilts", they have a pattern very similar to that one.  :piper: Edit: I should read the article in the link next time, they mention it there.......
  5. KnightShift

    New CM for sailor accused of "dicking around" with milk

    Which one felt better?  :blotto:
  6. KnightShift

    Word association (just for fun)

  7. KnightShift

    Exclusivity agreements

    I used to work in real estate part time, and I never made anyone sign one of these up front.  Here in Ontario there has to be one if you're putting an offer on a home, but until then as an agent I could show homes all day long.  On the Ontario form (and I imagine it would be the same for other...
  8. KnightShift

    Tactical Bacon

    Not bacon, but looks to be from the same folks that make the tactical bacon: http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/wacky-edibles/e8f0/
  9. KnightShift

    Word association (just for fun)

  10. KnightShift

    I do not care for dogs, but I Love my Kid.

    That used to turn my stomach at first....I couldn't stand that warm, squishy feeling that was only separated by a thin plastic bag  :-\ (I've since gotten used to it, and even come to admire some of the bombs he's dropped!).
  11. KnightShift

    I do not care for dogs, but I Love my Kid.

    When my wife and I bought our house, one of the stipulations was that we get a dog (something to keep her company since I work nights).  I had a lot of reservations about it (along the lines of "I'll have to walk it, and pick up after it, and they can be expensive"). We've had our golden for a...
  12. KnightShift

    Word association (just for fun)

  13. KnightShift

    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    Food prize changes for 2011.....16 million more than last year: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/tim-hortons-respond-social-media-backlash-rolling-more-20110216-120034-125.html
  14. KnightShift

    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    No problem! Enjoy the forums, there's alot of great information and great people on hear to learn from.
  15. KnightShift

    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    That's a fantastic way to end a post....why not wait and see what others have to say before going straight on the defensive?
  16. KnightShift

    What do you think about the CFPAS system?

    Can't say I'm familiar with CFPAS myself, however isn't there already a poll on it? http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/97021.0.html
  17. KnightShift

    Word association (just for fun)

  18. KnightShift

    Word association (just for fun)

  19. KnightShift

    Favourite Timmies Donut?

    Anything maple  :cdn: Unless it's a timbit, in which case it has to be honey dipped.
  20. KnightShift

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    The right to self defense could certainly be seen as an inherent human right, even a natural right.  However, I would argue that the right to bear (small) arms wouldn't be an inherent human right, as we (as far as I know) are the only species that have developed tools to be used in a defensive...