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  1. Greywolf

    Wearing Uniforms Post-Release/Retirement (merged)

    I used to be in the Regular Forces, but left 3 years ago for the civilian world.  I attended a memorial for Remembrance Day this morning and I was wondering if I can still wear my DEUs or I've heard I can still wear my beret.  Is that true? 
  2. Greywolf

    Int to CSIS?

    I would say military experience would be considered related experience.  Whoever told you it's not is wrong.  A degree is a mandatory requirement to be an intelligence officer.  As for intelligence officers doing surveillance work...let me say the surveillants will be the experts in this area. ...
  3. Greywolf

    CEOTP and Int Officer - Reserve

    Is it true that the reserve units don't accept applications to the Intelligence Officer trade by direct entry?  I recently inquired about this with 2 Intelligence Company at the Denison Armoury in Toronto.  I was told I had to be already in a trade and then can apply for transfer to INT, is this...
  4. Greywolf

    Tpr. Mark Andrew Wilson - RCD - 07 Oct 06

    :salute:  I was shocked when I heard the news.  Mark and I did basic training together.  He was a great guy.  I still remember the last time I talked to him when we ran into each other at the Coriano back in May.  He was excited about going on his first tour.  I've been hearing about the deaths...
  5. Greywolf

    CBSA arming

    Arming border guards is all well and good, but why it takes 10 years!! to do so is beyond me.  I would call that incompetence in management.  If the government is serious about it, then they should allocate the resources (money/training personnel...) right away, not in a few years. 
  6. Greywolf

    Bottle depots in Ottawa

    In Gatineau?  Hmm...I will check that.
  7. Greywolf

    Bottle depots in Ottawa

    Does anyone know if there are any bottle depots in Ottawa where we can return empty pop cans and bottles and get reimbursed for them?
  8. Greywolf

    Wear uniform when clearing out for release

    I am in Petawawa. 
  9. Greywolf

    Wear uniform when clearing out for release

    Actually they refused to clear me out if I'm not in uniform.  I told them all my kit (cadpat) has been turned in and I've already packed up my CFs and the moving company will come get the stuff this morning.  You know what the sergeant said when I told him about this...he said dig out your CFs...
  10. Greywolf

    Wear uniform when clearing out for release

    But if I already got my CFs packed and ready to go, I just want to know if it's against the rules to go clear out in civvies...? 
  11. Greywolf

    Wear uniform when clearing out for release

    Is there a CFAO or DAOD that states that when we clear out (for release), we have to be in uniform and not in civvies?  If we have already returned all our kit (i.e. combats), then do we have to go in CFs? 
  12. Greywolf

    2006 Census Deadline is *TODAY*

    Hmm, I guess they didn't do it here...at least in my building!  >:(
  13. Greywolf

    2006 Census Deadline is *TODAY*

    It's Census Day and the online website where we can fill out the form is down!  >:(
  14. Greywolf

    2006 Census Deadline is *TODAY*

    Yes, I believe that's the number I called...1-877-594-2006.  I live in the shacks in Petawawa, but I never got the forms distributed to my quarters and I did not get an email saying they will follow up and visit those who did not fill out the forms. 
  15. Greywolf

    2006 Census Deadline is *TODAY*

    I never got the census forms in the mail and I called Census Canada and they told me that I don't need it because the base has all my records and will send them my info.  Does anyone know if that's true? 
  16. Greywolf

    Notice Biographique

    Oui, il faut que tu ecrives une notice biographique la première semaine de ton cours.  C'est seulement une page et tu peux écrire de ton education, la raison de joindre l'armée, ta famille...
  17. Greywolf

    PT du QMB ?

    On court et marche avec le rucksack...tu peux obtenir plus d'information à http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/site/accueil/index_f.asp
  18. Greywolf

    Release -- return of kit

    Yes, I am a supply tech, but I don't work at Clothing...I was packing my kit and I just thought I would pose the question here to get a quicker reply.  I did go and ask about it at Clothing store the following Monday. 
  19. Greywolf

    Release -- return of kit

    When we get released, do we have to return the gabardine, CF sweater, CF raincoat and gloves (Parade)?
  20. Greywolf

    25000 new sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen?

    23000 recruits over 5 years?  I find that hard to believe.  With the recruitment processing taking so long, I doubt they can process that many people.  Funding might solve some problems, but not all and I don't think it's going to make the processing much faster.