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    Logistics - Human Resources specialty

    Considering a VOT to LogO, specifically with a Human Resources specialty. Looking for insight into the specifics of the trade/specialty. What does the day-to-day look like? Where are the most common postings? What OUTCAN postings are out there, and how difficult are they to get? What are the...
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    HCA vs. LogO (Air) - Duties + Postings

    After speaking and working with other TDO's, the job itself appears very dry/boring (to me). They don't seem to have much room for career growth, further education is typically required, and the postings don't seem to cover where I'd like to go.
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    HCA vs. LogO (Air) - Duties + Postings

    Both my wife and I have all our family there... but I understand. As far as I'm aware, TDOs don't have the option, not sure about the other 2 trades.
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    HCA vs. LogO (Air) - Duties + Postings

    Background: 14 yrs in 9 yrs Infantry Reservist - Class B 3 yrs in Post-Secondary - ROTP Currently a TDO. Never been Posted yet... Putting in a VOT for HCA + LogO (Air) Which trade is better in terms of postings/deployments (I know, a broad question, open to opinion). Currently hoping to...