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    looking for any aviation records

    No problem, I didn't take it like that......just going thru post and seeing if someone hadn't been answered.  I do a lot of research for families looking for info on the relative's military past, so just thought I'd try and help where I could. I see most people get lots of help on this site...
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    looking for any aviation records

    I realize that.  Just no one answered her, so thought I would post "something" to her.  Might not help, but I tried
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    looking for any aviation records

    Try the British National Archives.  If you know the Squadron's he served with, that would help. Look under Operational Air Records or Combat Reports If you need help, please let me know and I can located them for you Cheers
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    RCE 4th Field Company

    First, here is some of the locations that this Unit was in (all info from War Diaries): 4th Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers Major HQ Locations (also includes Map Grid Reference if I new it) Remarks Dates ITALY 1st Canadian Infantry Division Agone, MR 548933 Move from...
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    Good ROF, bad drill

    I read all the comments on the subject of the Sleese Range Demolition Accident in this thread, and I have to make comment.  NFLD Sapper Say's it was a "series of errors".  I agree to a point, it was a "series of errors of the military leadership" to ensure safe demolition practices were being...