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    So, I'm re-enrolling

    Hey all! So after a bad bad year packed with personal BS happening back home during the last year of my contract, I've looked at a return to civvy life with pink tinted glasses only to regret it few months later. I'm now in the process of re-enrolling and without expecting anyone to know the...
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    first Posting

    I graduated a french BMQ in 2018, and got posted to Winnipeg. The language of your platoon has no impact on the postings you will write down on the sheet ;) As it's been mentioned before, you are given 3 "requests" of posting. If your occupational training staff is nice, they'll also list you...
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    Advice about my first posting. [Merged]

    Hey fine crowd of army.ca, Graduated BMQ in February, now on PAT PL (technically, im on a tasking until July) and my course training (traffic tech) starts in August. I was studying in advance the avenues of the first major decision i will have to take in my young career; postings. I have a GF...
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    BMQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Whats the pace of the ruck would you say, on km/h? I want to add some of that to my work out routine before i leave for St Jean
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    QMB 2018

    Je vais dire comme Rose dans Titanic: Ya moi, ya moi...!
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    BMQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Who else is in BMQ for 05th of November in St-Jean?
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hey Buck, I called 2-3 weeks ago, ive been told there were selection on 29th Sept. and 16th Oct. for Steward, i got no call yet :( Do you know if by now its more likely to go to spring or can i expect a call any time ? Thanks!  :cowboy:
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    November 13th BMQ

    I really hope im not in your group, not because of the people but the weather  :Fri13:
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    I applied in March of last year, still in the process (end of it, next step is BMQ date). While there was a hold up with some of the papers they requested me, it just goes to say that there's a reason the process takes so long. They want to make sure the applicant is a good fit in the family...
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    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    Well, the last obstacle between civy life and BMQ was my credit background and im getting my clearance letters this week. Im beyond nervous of the coming events! Time to hit the jog / swimming pool / crossfit gym!
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    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    Thanks for all the replies folks! Looking forward to receive my date.
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    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    Hey folks, I found a lot of posts regarding anxiety, couples, depression, etc. which didn't really answer my concern. I'll tell you a bit about me and from there i hope to get some advices to get ready for my eventual call (turning in the last paper needed for my app. then all there's left is...
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    25 Aprill 2017: One dead, three injured in Ex RUGGED BEAR accident

    A childhood friend of mine is in that training, not in this LAV though. Reminder that when you choose this career, anything can happen at the least expected time... RIP Sergeant
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    Any stewards here?

    Thanks Mike, i found that 8 pages thread too, felt like it was blank in content (at least the 2 pages i looked at  ;D ) Ill give it a thorough look hehe
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    Any stewards here?

    Hey guys! So after a long long application process (a full year and bits, i know some got it worse but it felt like forever hehe) i am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. My application got slowed down due to credit past that i should clear by giving the recruiting officers in May...