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    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    Got mine on the 29th of April, headed to Civy U in August.
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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    Here are some of the benefits that Canada obtained when they signed the amended contract for the interim helicopters. Ref:http://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/medias-media/2010-07-25-00-eng.html
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    A Dream Navy?

    To add on to that, the Orca only requires 4 people to sail. The rest are students with their Course Training Officer. And like N. McKay said, the tugs, barges, fireboats, tenders, ect are run by the Canadian Forces Fleet Auxiliary. Not 100% sure on this, but if I remember correctly the Dive...
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    A Dream Navy?

    Didn't hear any rumbling at all but I would support a move like this. I mean no offense to the people that work on the ship, but in the modern age of computers and semi-reliable telephone communications, is there really a requirement to bring the support staff to sea? What is done on ship that...
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    A Dream Navy?

    You are right, my apologies for completely missing this. I will still stand by my submarine selection as it does have the IDAS (however I am sure we could also get a system working on the Soryu though), mine laying capability, and with more vessels for the same amount of crew we can spread out...
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    A Dream Navy?

    My Choices Type Class Quantity Complement Total AOR Wave 3 98 294 Artic Patrol Svalbard 3 248 744 Submarine Todara Class 7 27 189 Littoral Patrol Freedom Class 9 50 450 Command/Destroyer De Zeven Provincien Frigate 3 202 606 Frigate F-125 Class...
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    Canadian Mantracker teaching British troops to look for signs for hidden IED's

    Just saying... You think he could track Osama Bin Laden?
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    Port Security back in Esquimalt?

    I got a little info through some people... They renamed it to something like Base Security Force and slashed the operating budget. What is going on, are they recruiting guys into it, I have no idea.
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    MP's jurisdiction outside DND bases

    As I was informed by someone, a lot of MPs have the authority to enforce the Highway Traffic Act of their province anywhere, even while in transit. One thing to note here is that not everything that you do wrong falls under the same Codes. There is the Criminal Code of Canada, Highway Traffic...
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    Medical First Responder Course

    You won't find any of the military courses on the St-John's Ambulance website. The military runs it's own courses with it's own instructors by the St-John's ambulance curriculum and to their standard and is recognized by them but they do not administer them. Your best bet is to talk to your...
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    Medical First Responder Course

    I know that Esquimalt runs one fairly regularly. You can check out the Port Operations and Emergency Services Branch DIN site to see the calendar.
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    Sea Service Insignia (SSI) [Merged]

    As far as I know it is actual days at sea, unlike sea pay that is calculated on time posted. If it were time posted everyone in the navy would pretty much be gold by now. Most peoples first ship posting is longer then 4 year... Klink
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    Perception of MP’s by other Military Members?

    With what CorporalMajor was saying, I also see that alot from peers, these peers tend to be the ones in the Shacks that like to have blasting music until 2 in the morning and the MPs shut them down. What alot of these people don't get is there are other people in the building who like there...
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    MPs in the field?

    Can't remember where I heard this but don't MPs have some kind of job at embassies also?
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    I hate peeing in cups, I have a question

    Well I didn't have to do one at BMQ, but depending on your trade or situation you will eventually have to produce more. If for example you are in an aircrew trade you will be peeing every year or two for your medical, every 5 I believe for others. If they decide to do random drug screening (or...
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    What is the process for compassionate flights and leave

    Here is a nice website that will probably answer a lot of your questions about what is called Compassionate Travel Assistance http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/ps/db-as/faq/cta-atr-eng.asp For the most up to date and best information, contact the BOR they will be able to direct you on...
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    Heres one for a Recruiter

    Not a lawyer If that is in fact the exact wording then I understand that as meaning that he use a firearm in the performance of his duties in the Canadian Forces. Now issue would be, as Stacked said, why does he have such a prohibition, if he has been convicted of a crime, and since we are...
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    Rations are 493 for full rations, and 282 for partial rations (10 meals a week). Some bases don't offer the partial ration options. These prices are nation wide and promulgated by Director of Food Services. For quarters it depends on the size and quality of room. It can be anywhere from 70...
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    Wood Hobby Clubs

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has been to the Greenwood Club at all. Tried looking a little on the internet not a whole lot of information. How well equiped are they? Do they offer storage space? Any other information would be awesome If you have information on Shearwater's or Comox's also...
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    Living Quarters and Free Time

    People have to understand with regards to rations. It is covering the cost a yes Food (up to your entitlement, so for supper example you are paying to get a bowl of soup, a 6" plate of from the salad bar, a main course, a desert, 3 snacks and two glasses of something to drink and a coffee. Add...