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  1. FEEOP042

    Medium Support Vehicle System

    there is lots of air line with the beavertails
  2. FEEOP042

    Medium Support Vehicle System

    The rear glad hands of the MSVS. This needs addressed I have seen this several times now but when it breaks off in your hand taking of the coupler to the glad hand. this was today trying to get trailers hooked up for Ex this week. Get rid of the brass and have the glad hand recessed back under...
  3. FEEOP042

    CC-177 Para Drop - PPCLI Para Coy, 25 Nov 12

    102 fully loaded Paratroopers http://www.military.cz/usa/air/in_service/aircraft/c17/c17_en.htm
  4. FEEOP042

    Logistic Vehicle Modernization Project - Replacing everything from LUVW to SHLVW

    GW  I mean for the TCV's we don't require them as part of the MSVS SMP since overseas there is no protection for troops in the back. Here in Canada we can use a cheaper off the shelf 2 1/2t or lighter for troop transport when needed. I say we only get SMP fleets for the trucks we only need to...
  5. FEEOP042

    Logistic Vehicle Modernization Project - Replacing everything from LUVW to SHLVW

    The problem is several issues. 1. Dealing with IED's mines, The CF want armoured cabs so to have the vehicle carry the load say 8t you will need a 10t or higher and so on. 2. The one I think is the big problem is the army/airforce getting a vehicle for its use right we don't need TCV's on OPs...
  6. FEEOP042

    Assault Pioneers & Assault Troopers (engineer light of the Inf & Armd)

    About Assault Pnr and Auuault Tpr To have all the support for the Inf and the Armd, the Engineers would be the largest branch in the CF but that is not going to happen so. I think it would be better in are current make up that we go back to the Assault Pnr and the Assault Tpr. As for the...
  7. FEEOP042

    Army Heavy Equipment Replacement (AHER) project

    Well i know the one who has done all the work on this and the one that took over from him and at least we should get the right eqpt as long as the pers with the degree stay out of it and since none are qualified on eqpt they should just say yes MWO you are right and we will go with what you...
  8. FEEOP042

    M67 Vs C13

    There is no difference M67 is US and the C-13 is the Canadian version made by GENERAL DYNAMICS Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada
  9. FEEOP042

    Logistic Vehicle Modernization Project - Replacing everything from LUVW to SHLVW

    Well after being at the LVM trails at Humbolt, Sask. I just hope they correct all the problems from the past vehicle buys... Like the HLVW fleet this will be the buying of PLS pallets that are to short, can not put on a ISO container, no trailers bought, using the old KENWORTH. Now I think we do...
  10. FEEOP042

    Navistar awarded 1300 truck contract

    The cause so far that I know of is the solenoid and the crse staff followed the instructions to disconect it and it fried the solenoid any ways I don't think it will be solved just yet
  11. FEEOP042

    Navistar awarded 1300 truck contract

    I am in Ottawa and I have a complete section tools and supplies transfered to the MSVS project and I get info from the pers in the project. The generic ml eis is getting transfered from each units surrent ml fleet to the new MSVS's this is not the items I am not talking about the tooling as in...
  12. FEEOP042

    Navistar awarded 1300 truck contract

    The front will bottom out on the suspension when going over very small bumps and when turning. The Arty and Engr trucks should  have been the SMP version since these trucks are not for off road. We need trucks to go off road. Make sure your QM's order the air valve adapter for the front wheels...
  13. FEEOP042

    Navistar awarded 1300 truck contract

    This is the Engr Variant
  14. FEEOP042

    Drawings or PUBs on the Demolition Ladder C2

    Hi Thank you but I did that already. They said contact CFSME  did that and got someone from there and he is checking on it for me
  15. FEEOP042

    Drawings or PUBs on the Demolition Ladder C2

    I am looking for a drawing or PUB of the ladder that shows it's proper configuration. I had seen one before with all the NSN's for each part but can not remember where can any one help me out. CHIMO
  16. FEEOP042

    Radio controled Leopard 2 tanks 1:16 1:10 1:8 Scale and more.

    This is a great site it is in German. Enjoy http://www.sonderfahrzeug-modellbau.de/index.html FEEOP042 CHIMO
  17. FEEOP042

    Any former or current engineers from 2 Cer?

    Yes I was there and I remenber Ian Blackburn beat the hell out of Grant
  18. FEEOP042

    All Things Combat Diver (merged)

    392 Put your dive gear away you will not need it where you are going.  Ask for a heavy crse or finish your H crse's. Is your blood pressure up....
  19. FEEOP042

    Unit designation on the slip on

    The reason is not the supply system. It is the Engineer Branch who makes the approval for the slip on. I am the RQMS at 33 CER formally 3 FES in Ottawa. I know I have been asking about ares and that is the bottom line on that. So when they approve it then it will go to DHH and they will send out...