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  1. 3rd Herd

    Canadians in Burma, WW2

    Just finished having breakfast ( or rather breakfast last week) with one of the 10 surviving members of the Burma Star  Association. Very nice "outspoken gentleman" who helped me with some research earlier in the year. No email but I think he would relish a call from someone interested in the...
  2. 3rd Herd

    Field gun outside of North Vancouver City Hall circa 1930?

    Vets,   Just saw your reply. try looking in either the Cranbrook papers from that era if there was one for Cranbrook. I seem to remember that it was a "Columbia Valley" paper. If not in Cranbrook, you could try the Kimberley Historical Society to see what papers they have from back then. Also...
  3. 3rd Herd

    Blood Bread Tears

    Thanks Geo, you are right that is a good read.
  4. 3rd Herd

    Blood Bread Tears

    Came across an interesting read Blood Bread Tears "On 08 May 1945 (09 May in Soviet time) most of the guns fell silent across Europe. The Second World War/ Great Patriotic War was, at least in the European theatre, over and the victorious Allies - including, see below, the war weary Canadian...
  5. 3rd Herd

    Canadian Parachute Regiment

    Chris, the Canadians did have have jump troops around that time. I recently talked to several of the original PPCLI Airborne Regiment circa 1949 Exercise Eagle, 1950 Sweet Brier..... I will ask them in the next couple of days about England. Or you can pm me and I can supply a contact number for...
  6. 3rd Herd

    Canadians in Burma, WW2

    FHG, try Atholl Sutherland Brown "Indian Days and Burmese Nights: Flying Beaufighters in Southeast Asia with 177 RAF Squadron," Canadian Military History, Volume 4, Number 2, pp.9-22. Atholl Sutherland Brown, Silently into the Midst of Things, 177 Squadron Royal Air Force in Burma, 1943- 1945...
  7. 3rd Herd

    Canadian Army Reading List- 11+ Years Of Suggestions and Ideas

    "Inside the British Army" by Anthony Beevor. Anyone read /thoughts
  8. 3rd Herd

    Canadian LAV III

    Anyone know of either "Tonka" or "Matchbox" or some such of AVGP, LAV and just about anything else. Can be cheap plastic or dinky toy. Intended use is for elementary/middle school lesson plans. I just finished a "Fisher Price" Pirate ship into a "Blackbirder". Another is set to become an East...
  9. 3rd Herd

    Historical Shotguns

    No AJ just simple research to questions to save bandwidth.  ;D
  10. 3rd Herd

    Historical Shotguns

    PM sent
  11. 3rd Herd

    Coastal Defense's in WW2

    Daft, hijack okay. I met a few of more than likely of your dads co- gunners. One passed on with cancer recently but several are still in the Sooke area. Picked quite a bit of primary on the inter war period from them. Try using the BC archivies search engine, with the image/digital engaged or...
  12. 3rd Herd

    Alberta Residents Bill 201

    It's time for Bill 201 A private member's bill that will be introduced this spring by Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr, the Traffic Safety (Seizure of Vehicles Containing Illegally Held Firearms) Act would give police a new tool in the fight against gangs and gun crime in Alberta. Bill 201 would...
  13. 3rd Herd

    Why does Haig get the shaft?

    Actually if the 100 days had bogged down there was a plan for an amphibious operation to turn the German flank. An academic argument could be made to substantiate that the 100 days was just a diversion to keep German troops pinned to the existing front lines. The reason it did not go ahead was...
  14. 3rd Herd

    PTSD / OSI [Merged]

    National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsmen Special Report Systemic treatment of CF members with PTSD Complainant: Christian McEachern http://www.ombudsman.forces.gc.ca/rep-rap/sr-rs/pts-ssp/rep-rap-02-eng.asp "Because PTSD is not a affliction that can be measured it is difficult to...
  15. 3rd Herd

    Looking for a speaker for a Rememberance Day service at a Calgary High School

    Aerobicrunner, noted, pm and email sent. Although we applaud the museums efforts in ensuring every school has a speaker some years not every wish is filled, hence I think Big Foot's post. As for St Mary's yes we will have somethere either myself or one of the other association members. As with...
  16. 3rd Herd

    Cpl Jordan Anderson, 3PPCLI: 04 July 2007 (GO!!!)

    “During Operation MARGUERITE, the company conducted clearance of the area east of FOB Gunde’Ghar. This was the first time C company came into contact with IED’s. Two weeks later, 8 Platoon was tasked to respond to an IED strike against a Coyote armored vehicle. It was during the route clearance...
  17. 3rd Herd

    Highway(s) of Heroes - Merged Thread

    "Heroes Trail in Calgary: http://coffee4ourtroops.com/ This is a petition to the City of Calgary to rename a portion of Macleod trail SE to Heroes Trail. We have lost several soldiers from the Calgary region, including Cpl Nathan Hornburg, Cpl. Mike Starker, and most recently Pte Chad Horn.Cpl...
  18. 3rd Herd

    Looking for a speaker for a Rememberance Day service at a Calgary High School

    PM sent An aside: http://assoc.ppcli.com/PPCLIAssocWeb/Calgary/08octNewsletter%20Final.pdf
  19. 3rd Herd

    Soviet mass killing of Japanese in 1945?

    See page 340 of David Glantz's The Soviet Strategic Offensive in Manchuria, 1945: August Storm or Behind a curtain of silence : Japanese in Soviet custody, 1945-1956  by Nimmo, William "Mr. Molotov came to see me, on instructions from Moscow...[Molotov] wanted to complain of the way in...
  20. 3rd Herd

    Coastal Defense's in WW2

    CANADA’S BEST KEPT SECRET OF WWII The Armoured Train  by Ted Hackett -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and the enemy’s successes in the following weeks and months caused great concern on the West Coat of...