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  1. VIChris

    Camming up the Thermarest

    I leave mine in the biv sack with my sleeping bag and roll it all up in one happy burrito. Easy care and setup, no mucking about getting it in a separate tube for storage, and the colour never shows in the field.
  2. VIChris

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    We were all issued knives and sewing kits. Why is this being outsourced?  >:D
  3. VIChris

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    MCG, in your model, you have BC main being done by 39 SVC in Victoria. I'd suggest Vancouver as the more logical spot. They are closer to the bulk of the BC units, have the better facility, and are the only dedicated maint unit on the lower mainland. We in Victoria have fewer units to look after...
  4. VIChris

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Salmon, no go. Aggressive salmon, good to go!
  5. VIChris

    Work balance in the CAF Reserves

    I did my BMQ on weekends, and attended unit EXs on the weekends between BMQ weekends. Working full time as well, this meant 3 months straight with no days off. It was a bag drive. My BMQ-L was done in a one month block, and I found it much easier to handle. Also, being away from home, and in...
  6. VIChris

    Can a reservist possibly get the same training as Reg?

    Did you get any more info about 5 Field Arty? I've worked along side them on a few exercises in a support role, and they seem quite active and professional. The Gunner's Mess has some great parties, too! Further, to your original question, you'll find that PRes arty troops will indeed learn...
  7. VIChris

    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    Is this change purely based on finance concerns? Having done a (PRes) national course this summer, with students coming from almost every brigade in the country, it was apparent that certain standards aren't as standard as we all thought. Especially when it came to our field portion. By pushing...
  8. VIChris

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    The morning of our grad parade, we were all still pie-eyed from our course party the night before. 0600 a garbage can is booted down the hall as usual, and we all double (stumble) down to the parade square and form up for what was looking like some enthusiastic PT. We detoured from our usual...
  9. VIChris

    C7A2 Opinions ??

    Keep at it, buds. My trip to Bisley last year was a life changer. Keep after Capt. Rogal for training, and we'll get you out to the big shoots, too. On the note of C7A2s, with the exception of the Dutch C7 IUR thingy, at all the big shoots I've been to, most other nations look at our rifles...
  10. VIChris

    Can someone explain the windage theory

    What weapon are you working with, and what part of windage is giving you grief? In simple terms, windage is the later shift in a bullets flight path due (primarily) to wind. When shooting, we adjust for this by adjusting sights, or aiming off (Kentucky windage). Is the max distance 300 for what?
  11. VIChris

    Two CF members arrested in Petawawa over Cpl Bloggins Facebook page

    The option to delete either just the comments, or the complete content is entirely under the control of the person who started the page. Doing nothing about it is a willful act.
  12. VIChris

    Advantage Tactical Sights

    Has anyone else tried these? http://www.advantagetactical.com/ I have a set on my G22, and just love them so far, with about 600 rounds down range. I haven't tried them in low light, as my range closes a half hour before sunset, but I imagine they would be pretty decent as far as non-luminous...
  13. VIChris

    29 Jan 14: CPO2 Gilles Duquette, R.I.P.

    Stand easy, Chief.  :salute:
  14. VIChris

    Mountain Bikers in the Canadian forces?

    Mountain biking is alive and well  BC my friend. When are you coming, and what parts of our gargantuan province will you be seeing? I can help with guides and riding areas on Vancouver Island, and have contacts in the military in the lower mainland (Vacouver) who are avid downhillers.
  15. VIChris

    Return of MATS TECH trade to the reserves?

    Got word from the CoC that the CAF is not training new PRes Mats Techs. The positions will exist in reserve land, but will only be filled by folks releasing from the regs. Balls.
  16. VIChris

    CFSAC 2013

    I thought the weather was better this year than last, less wind on my shoots. The scores were up all over. Nice to see people have been training hard for this event in the off season.
  17. VIChris

    The 17th Annual Canadian International Sniper Concentration

    That looks like a hoot! Excellent pics.