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  1. JasonH

    Firefighting and the Reserves

    Yea I've been tryen for 2 years now and for this year I've taken about 5 or 6 courses now so I'm a lot more accustomed to what is required of me and of what I can give in return as of skills. I was usually the youngest trying in all department/courses, only 23.  Majority are late 20's early...
  2. JasonH

    Firefighting and the Reserves

    Well I know the civ fire departments LOVE people who are in military or ex military since a lot of training, specially the pre-employment at JIBC is done as para-military.  Literally as if it's bootcamp and of course you hafto follow orders to the T when on scene.  The thing is that for career...
  3. JasonH

    Firefighting and the Reserves

    This is volunteer.  If I was going career it'd be 3 month course.  This is twice a week.
  4. JasonH

    Firefighting and the Reserves

    Thank you all for the great replies. I have no intentions on becoming a Military firefighter as I'd prefer to stay in British columbia.  Pay isn't as good and the call's from what I understand are on base. I'm not trying to knock the trade or nothing but I just have other intentions on where I...
  5. JasonH

    Firefighting and the Reserves

    Hello people.  I posted here a few years ago stating I had intentions on joining the Infantry reserves.  I think a little over 4 years now.  At the time I had pulled the plug on the idea of doing so since I had gotten married but at this point I have now started the seperation process with my...
  6. JasonH

    Looking to Enlist (again)

    :o Didn't think I'd be back here but hi! In any case I've been doing courses @ The Justice institute of British Columbia for Firefighting but I'm opening up the possibility of going to the Westies and joining the Army reserves as Infantry. Is it unherd of for a Volunteer Fireman to also be a...
  7. JasonH

    Long time no see

    Been a LONG time since I've been on here, how time flies. Well I'm married, have been for close to 3 years now.  I had moved to france for awhile with my wife and came back.  Put a career in the army on hold - for how long who knows.  Planning to goto school and after that I don't know if I...
  8. JasonH

    Iran's missiles may target Canadians

  9. JasonH

    CF Firefighters

    Thanks guys, just did the exam.  Pretty common sense stuff, lot easier than the CFAT hahaha. I got a feeling I'll make it, 15 applicants, one dropped out after the physical fitness test (which was hell).  I can see 2 or 3 not making it but all the others just wow, they all did great.  No one...
  10. JasonH

    CF Firefighters

    Just curious about employment as a Firefighter in the CF.  I'm currently joining a volunteer department here in the lower mainland and was curious as to what the CF has for this type of occupation?  I don't hear much mention of it.  Thanks.
  11. JasonH

    Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

    I too would love to see us get the CV-90, pure sex  ;D
  12. JasonH

    Offensive cartoon in (you guessed it) the "Toronto Star"

    All I hafto say to the writer is.. "Writer's strike dragging you down too, eh?"
  13. JasonH

    Army not stretched to limit, Layton interprests documents

    Army not stretched to limit, documents indicate Notes cast doubt on Tory position NDP wants troops sent to Lebanon Aug. 26, 2006. 01:00 AM BRUCE CAMPION-SMITH OTTAWA BUREAU OTTAWA—Canada has 1,200 troops available to respond to global missions, a military briefing note says, contradicting...
  14. JasonH

    Troops' Internet postings pose security risk, warns military official

    As many of you know with my experiance in makeing Military video's this is a very double edged sword of topic for me.  When it comes to pictures and video's I feel a great deal of hope they keep coming but at the same time in no way put the troops at risk.  I've seen the video's in question and...
  15. JasonH

    Can someone help me get in contact with Combat Camera?

    Hey guys, just curious if any of you know of the emails addies of any of the editors/cameramen in Combat Camera.  I've been pretty dorment on the boards as of late but I'm gearing up to make another video.  Some of you may remember this video I had made...
  16. JasonH

    Major Paeta Hess-Von Kruedener

    I'm deeply unnerved that this has occured.  After hearing about his article in the Vancouver Province last week and finding out now he had been killed sent a chill down my back.  I really hope something comes of this, because this is just sickening that this has been allowed to occur despite...
  17. JasonH

    Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca - LSSR - 09 July 2006

    Should take care of all those media reports if this hasn't been posted yet.
  18. JasonH

    No more patrols for G-Wagons in Afghanistan?

    Looks like that abrams was disabled not destroyed by an IED.  You can see the hole left by a Maverick missile which destroyed it.
  19. JasonH

    Afghan Detainee Mega Thread