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  1. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Hold tight and hopefully the trade you applied for is hiring. Mine was not (Hull Tech) and even second option (E-Tech). The BPSO had told me I could try and still apply but chances where extremely slim. I didn't want to take the chance and wait another year. VR is in now. Good luck with you...
  2. andrewkw08

    March leave? DND down time?

    If there is "down time" then there is "down time". You will be told in clear direction what will be going on. I would ask the students around you first before asking an instructor. If something was said and you didn't listen to them clearly, it shows you don't take direction well and that will...
  3. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Release Questions

    I have started this thread to help others who may be considering a voluntary release. I am here to answer all questions and will be writing all the steps I have taken. Day 1 I have been thinking about leaving and considering my options for a very long time. I had decided it was time to go back...
  4. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Release Questions

    Yes, that is perfect thank you. I also managed to talk with the IC clerk at NDHQ and they confirmed it also doesn't that I am releasing. Thanks for the help
  5. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Release Questions

    Good day everyone.. I am in the process of a 6 month release. I have a few questions that hopefully a knowledgeable member can answer. I am still "single" and use LTA (Leave Travel Assistance) each year to visit home. Am I still eligible to receive this, though I am releasing as of August...
  6. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Ah alright. Well in a perfect world your CoC would contact you when the message is received, but....That doesn't always happen. Just keep an update by contacting your CoC or even your clerks(To the respectable rank). Another thing you can do is talk to your BPSO's assistant(through email or...
  7. andrewkw08

    AVOTP to Nav Comm -- Postings

    I heard they are pretty good with that, just never had the opportunity to talk to someone on either coasts and get some sort of idea. Of course I won't go off anything until that paper is in my hand. Also to the other note, I am in no way bashing the Army. I love being in it and I couldn't ask...
  8. andrewkw08

    Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)

    Hello, I am actually going through the same process. I've been in for 7 years and have seen the process and am now going though it myself. Your memo is just a formality (It is not important) in the process of an AVOTP. What is important is your AVOTP package and where it is. You can request...
  9. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Hello, I just finished all my paper work for the AVOTP. Your CoC is only responsible for one thing in the end of it all. That is there is a section "Part 5" where they write you up about your goals, achievements and recommendations. (This is so that your CO can see if you are fit), as this...
  10. andrewkw08

    AVOTP to Nav Comm -- Postings

    Hello, I have been a 291er now for 7 years posted to Ottawa. I am currently in the process of completing an AVOTP to Nav Comm. I am doing this for a lot of reasons, one though that I still have many questions about and cannot seem to find them is postings for Naval personnel. I am originally...
  11. andrewkw08

    Voluntary Release Questions

    Good day all, I have been searching the forums for a bit here and in my research I can only find older information on releasing from the CF. I have been in for over 5yrs now and as anyone knows policies change and regulations follows behind it. So here goes my inquiry. I am filling out the...
  12. andrewkw08

    Any E Tech's out there?

    Hello, I am currently a 291'er looking to get into a hard navy trade. I am very interested in "E-tech" as it suites my interests best above all else. If anyone out there can give me a good run down on the trade itself. Not just a copy paste from the CF website. Really looking for training...
  13. andrewkw08

    Language courses available in Kingston?

    Hey Ive researched around and have not come up with many answers. Hoping to grab a few. Im doing 00120 Comm Research. Of course my trade well be much easier with other languages. Questions: Are there any available language courses that can be taken in Kingston or Borden. Looking for French...
  14. andrewkw08

    IDF's Krav Maga as prep for BMQ/SQ, CAP, EXPRES

    Anyone know of Krav Maga? Is it available to the CF after BMQ? If so does anyone know where classes are held?
  15. andrewkw08

    BMQ June 2008 - ALL Locations

    Hey, from Victoria BC. Leaving June 28th for BMQ. Taking Comm research after..Anyone else in Vic, waiting to go in June?
  16. andrewkw08

    For runners: www.mapmyrun.com

    Heres a distance calculator using google maps. You can put points down and it will tell you the distance between them. Use infinite amount of points as well. http://www.geodistance.com/
  17. andrewkw08

    For runners: www.mapmyrun.com

    Hey if your looking to find out how far you run or want to run check this page out. It lets you put in points and each point shows the distance. Infinite amount of points can be added for all those side streets etc.. Give it a try.