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  1. Shadow Cat

    OT while on PAT

    I have already done some searching and didnt fint eh answer to my question so I thought it was safe to ask away here. My DH is entertaining the idea of doing an OT to a different trade (RMS clerk is one option).  What time frame does an OT typically take?  Will they allow him to do EWAT/OJT at...
  2. Shadow Cat

    Kingston School Question

    Hey there everyone.  I was wondering if there is anyone that works at the Kingston school that would be able to check on a course enrollement.  More particularly for one that is commencing on December 1st. See we heard that there are some major renovations that need to be done and that alot of...
  3. Shadow Cat

    Moving while Training Sign Off

    I have a question in regards to approval for moving yoru family during training.   Yes I know how long the training has to be.   That is not my question. See my DH has submitted his request to get us moved up to be with him.   He has a meeting with his SGT.   which led his SGT to sign off in...
  4. Shadow Cat

    DH graduated last week from BMQ. YIPPPEEE!

    Well the 10 weeks are finally over and my DH graduated last week from BMQ in St. Jean.  Me and the kids made the trip to there from Halifax to see him proudly parade around in his super sexy unifrom.  lol.  He got the award for Most Improved and the award for Comradship.  I am so so proud of...
  5. Shadow Cat

    Sig Op Course

    Does anyone know when the next Sig Op course is in Kingston (Regular Forces)?
  6. Shadow Cat

    Moving Spouse after BMQ - Kingston Thread

    I have done some research and found out that my husband will be undergoing 6 months of trade training in Kingston.  Will the forces help me and the children to be with him during this training period or am I giong to have to sit here and wait for him to be done and has our first positng...
  7. Shadow Cat

    BMQ - 24 Hour Pass

    At the end of the what week is the 24 hour pass usually granted to the recruits?