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  1. Weinie

    OMM Revocation

    Yup Gen. Jonathan Vance stripped of Order of Military Merit after guilty plea, discharge
  2. Weinie

    The Grand Strategic......or what do we do next?

    There has been some significant discussion on various/multiple threads of tactical and operational aspects of Rus/Ukr, China, the ME, and political/diplomatic maneuvers. It has been insightful and educational for me and likely countless others. I think that there are elements missing here...
  3. Weinie

    Conventional Forces in MAD

    I get that it is contentious/fun/intellectually stimulating to determine what NATO and Canadian conventional force posture/config will be most aptly positioned to exert dominance over Russian/China forces in the future. But until you acknowledge the reality, (and include it in planning/COA's)...
  4. Weinie

    Mental Health Issues From Freedom Convoy? -split from Freedom Convoy protests

    Sigh. It is to laugh........... The trucks have left Ottawa, but 'phantom honking' lingers for many downtown
  5. Weinie

    We will miss him - Legendary journalist Joe Galloway passes away

    A giant of the military news industry has died. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/journalist-joe-galloway-chronicler-of-vietnam-war-dies/ar-AANteIk?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531
  6. Weinie

    Canada's History of poor MNDs

    You are being charitable by only framing him in one century.
  7. Weinie

    What would happened if?

    A recent post had me thinking....."What would have happened if' Either of Adolph Hitlers" grandparents had died in a (very plausible) pandemic at that time. Or if either of Frederick Bantings grandparents had died at an early age, before producing the progenitors of him. We witnessed the...
  8. Weinie

    Get your stuff together Ontario

    Huge Chinese rocket core falling ‘out of control’ back to Earth Grab your helmets and flak vests.
  9. Weinie

    Matthew Fisher dies - a giant of journalism

    Truly the best journalist that I ever encountered in 25+ years. His strategic understanding and acumen, his ease with all things military, including a passion for embedding with soldiers at the front, and the respect that he had across ranks, resulted in some of the most outstanding, real...
  10. Weinie

    What would happen if:

    We have all seen what has been happening in Texas. I suspect that the ramifications of a more widespread power event would be catastrophic, even here in Canada (goodbye Toronto and Montreal). The link below is dated, and perhaps a bit biased, but is a good start for discussion...
  11. Weinie

    Explaining decision making in 2020

    As we say good riddance to 2020, I can't help but think of some of the more asinine decisions that have been made for us collectively, by authorities; seems George Santayana was correct. The analogies here are legion. Oregon's Exploding Whale - 1970 KATU (original report) - Bing video
  12. Weinie

    Cruel and Unusual-Not

    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/quebec-mosque-shooters-40-year-sentence-was-cruel-and-unusual-punishment-appeals-court-rules/ar-BB1bnnRz?appwebview=true&ocid=msedgdhp What was cruel was the absolute crushing sorrow inflicted that day on 6 families and friends of the murdered: that courts...
  13. Weinie

    MEC no longer in our hands

    OK. For all of us that love this store, we will see what changes occur: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/other/mountain-equipment-co-op-sold-to-private-u-s-investment-firm/ar-BB192rhy?ocid=msedgdhp
  14. Weinie

    Claims, TD, and Such[ split from Gen Vance announces retirement]

    FJAG, If you can find a way to stop the myriad (and mostly useless) statutory reporting requirements that have been enacted over the last 25 years, then you will go a long way to ridding Ottawa of thousands of uniforms, and endless administration. Finance, Supply, Procurement, HR, Diversity...
  15. Weinie

    Ryan Reynolds for Soldier on

    Check out Deadpool on the Soldier On site: https://www.soldieron.ca/
  16. Weinie

    "ouyt" split from The US Presidency 2019

    STOP. None of you have any sense of what will be the ouyt "ouyt" split from The US Presidency 2019  - mm
  17. Weinie

    Help with an acronym for a WWII discharge document

    Hey folks, A question was brought to my attention about a deceased WW II vets record of discharge in 1945. The record contains the acronym A.F.G.O. 56. Anyone have any idea what it stands for? Tried a google but no dice. Thanks in advance.
  18. Weinie

    Weinie's tangent, split from Re: DND Editing Wikipedia

        Sorry, but I don't buy this. The Defence  Research Establishment, which is where the post originated, does not/not speak for CANSOFCOM. The problem these types of posts create is exactly what I outlined in quotes. to wit "Oh, it came from DND so it must be a reliable source."   A number of...
  19. Weinie

    CSOR Recruiting Tour

      Coming soon to a town near you. Tour dates/times at this link       http://www.cansofcom.forces.gc.ca/en/recruiting_e.asp