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  1. Navy_Pete

    Voluntary release- payback of obligatory service

    Quick admin question, can anyone confirm if the calculation on obligatory service payback for a PGT includes the salary? Read the DAOD and associate QR&O, and pretty sure the answer is yes, but figured I'd ask for confirmation. Understand the total will be pro-rated if I've completed a portion...
  2. Navy_Pete

    Approved LaTeX compiler?

    As per the title, does anyone know if there is an approved LaTeX word proessing package for the DWAN? Just spent most of my afternoon fighting Word to do some basic formatting (for the 4th time) on a shared document and ready to watch the world (figuratively) burn. Could have done the same...
  3. Navy_Pete

    Class B contract - # of days in 12M period

    Wasn't able to find this in previous threads, does anyone know what the # of days are in a 12M class B contract? This would be for a standard 8-4, 5 days a week type position. Haven't done one before and trying to do a cost estimate, and using the paid daily rate x 365 doesn't make a lot of...
  4. Navy_Pete

    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    Out of curiosity, anyone know what the direction this year will be on PERs for lapsed FORCES test and COVID? With the various lockdowns, and restricting part 1&2 medicals for OUTCANS/deployments, probably not alone in looking at no path to having a valid test this year, so wondering if there...
  5. Navy_Pete

    Transition lenses and CAF policy

    Hi everyone, Not sure if my googlefu is weak, but looking to get some new glasses while on PGT with no DWAN access, and just wondering what the current policy is on transition lenses in glasses?  Spoke to the local CFSU and got the info for getting the testing / dollar limits on the frames, but...
  6. Navy_Pete

    Offshore rig fire fighting

    Trying to wrap my head around something for a Masters project, and wondering if anyone here has some experience with offshore oil rig fire fighting that would be willing to answer some questions on PMs. Specifically looking at something around marine fire insulation and adapting tactics around...
  7. Navy_Pete

    Short term housing in Kitchener-Waterloo (June-August)

    Hi all, Looks like I'll be temporarily in Waterloo this summer for about 4-6 weeks for work (doing some experiments at UofW for a PGT). Unfortunately timing is still up in the air, but guessing it'll be sometime in July/August. Looking at a number of options (sublet, hotel/motel, on campus...
  8. Navy_Pete

    Maj (Retd) Duncan Lyon, padre

    Duncan was a padre in reserves working the southern Ontario area for ages, an frequently was out in the field with the troops in Meaford, Trenton and other training areas, so may be familiar to some people on here.  One of the nicest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, there is a...
  9. Navy_Pete

    Boards of Inquiry (BOI): SPLIT from USS John S. McCain Collision

    It's too bad that our own incident reports don't similarly get published; still have never seen a copy of the ALG/PRO BOI or any kind of executive summary showing what led to the collision.
  10. Navy_Pete

    Tailor in Ottawa area for navy mess kit

    I'm looking for a tailor in the Ottawa area to get my rank changed; some old threads referred to Mario's tailorshop downtown.  Unfortunately, looks like they've closed. Does anyone have any good experiences with anyone else?  Planning on stopping by the Canex to see if they have someone I can...
  11. Navy_Pete

    3D printer prosthetic limbs!

    A pretty good news story, and also probably pretty interesting for anyone that wears prosthetics; http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2014/07/university-students-fit-florida-boy-with-3-d-printed-arm.html
  12. Navy_Pete

    Defence procurement strategy - Value Proposition - Medium Range Radar

    Thought I'd share this for anyone else that found out they have to apply the 'Value Proposition' to their project.  This is the update to the old IRBs that they have renamed 'Industrial and Technological Benefits' (ITBs).  The project I started working on (Hfx DG replacement) got tagged with it...
  13. Navy_Pete

    "Soldier who attempted suicide on fast-track for dismissal as DND..."

    Didn't see this posted anywhere else, from the CP via CBC http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/soldier-who-attempted-suicide-on-fast-track-for-dismissal-as-dnd-breaks-promise-1.2631754;
  14. Navy_Pete

    Request amendment to Summary Investigation (SI) Findings

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered in a different thread; unfortunately each time I try and search the function hasn't been available. I read the relevant DAODs and referenced QR&Os and couldn't find an answer. I was peripherally involved in something a few years ago that had a...
  15. Navy_Pete

    An Xmas gift idea with a difference

    Good morning, After waking up to all the black Friday carnage, thought this may be appropriate. Like a lot of people, think I happen to be pretty fortunate and don't really want anything for xmas.  But have gotten a few flyers in the mail and decided that this year, if someone is looking for...
  16. Navy_Pete

    Question for a JAG/lawyer; Crown Liability and Proceedings Act

    Not sure if this is the correct forum; if I missed a JAG specific forum the fault is completely mine. While reading the cancellation message on the MATA/PATA issue, (in the newspaper...) it quoted the 'Crown Liability and Proceedings Act section 32C.' and mentioned they had consulted JAG.  I...
  17. Navy_Pete

    Staff writing guide

    I've done a bit of searching around for a replacement to the A-AD-121-C01/FP-000 Staff writing guide. In particular, looking for some kind of guide on how to write a briefing note. Have looked through the forum but haven't seen anything about BNs in particular. Generally find it a bit...
  18. Navy_Pete

    Professional Engineers - Ethical conflicts with military requirements?

    Unsure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but was unable to find any threads specifically about the ethics side of it. I am currently in the position to qualify for the P.Eng.  However, I've already been in numerous situations where poor technical decisions have resulted in 'near...