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  1. mariomike

    Grooming Standards in Police, Emergency Services

    Saw this in another thread. Same constituents we relied on to encourage their councillors to support our pay and benefit packages. Performance - and "first impression" - both counted. This study of "Public Perceptions of Police Grooming Standards" was done in British Columbia...
  2. mariomike

    Canada's First Treatment Centre for First Responders Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Injury

    March 03, 2022 https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001690/ontario-improving-access-to-best-in-class-mental-health-supports-for-first-responders Ontario Improving Access to Best-in-Class Mental Health Supports for First Responders New rehabilitation centre will provide specialized services in...
  3. mariomike

    Self-regulated vs Government Regulated

    Saw this in "Unionizing the CAF". They are self-regulated in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They are government regulated in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.
  4. mariomike

    Sick Leave

    Saw this in the canabis cupcake discussion. If it's comp. they don't touch your Sick Bank. It continues to grow over the years. That's your retirement gratuity. You earned it. The bad news is, if it is comp., unless you are in a hospital and can blink your eyes you got to come in. But, you...
  5. mariomike

    Emergency Response Times

    Not wishing to de-rail the RCMP First Contract thread, any further than it already is, I started a new one. I understand emergency services may not always achieve their response-time benchmark. By "Response Time Benchmark" I mean, time measurement of the - FIRST- unit to arrive on scene...
  6. mariomike

    Police Week May 9 - 15

    A special week to celebrate our current and retired police officers. A friend of mine who was a Toronto Marine paramedic said it was a high light of his career to work with Toronto Marine police to improve rapid patient outcomes. OMG Just realized that was last week! < face palm emoji >
  7. mariomike

    ACT program Victoria, B.C. Police

    Do they have the right to delay service, ( ie: not go in without police ) based only on a "feeling"? When I was a health care worker we could only delay service ( ie: not go in until police arrived ) if there was an active shooter, or direct evidence of ongoing violence.
  8. mariomike

    Cost of housing in Canada

    Saw several posts yesterday in one of the Covid threads about the cost of housing in Canada. Decided to reply here, so as not to derail the Covid thread any further. Housing cost may be due to lack of building materials in some places. But, where I live, it's the lack of land available for...
  9. mariomike

    Sailor Second Class Umbertomaya Masferrer

    My wife is a diver. She didn't know him, but heard from her diving friends about this tragic loss. Our condolences to the family. It is with sadness that we share on Saturday 9 Jan, 2021, Sailor Second Class Umbertomaya Masferrer, ‘Maya’ died in a recreational diving accident. Embraced by the...
  10. mariomike

    Union political endorsement philosophy

    Saw this in another thread, "One should remember that it's Union leaders that support a party, not necessarily the membership, the days of the unions controlling their members votes are gone." Wanted to reply, but can't do it there. So, I'll do it here, if that's ok. I was in the same union...
  11. mariomike

    Emergency services pensioners associations

    These are similar to, but different than, the Legion. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. The one I belong to is for staff who have served a minimum of 25 years* on the department. The ones who got the gold watch. After that, they are offered membership in the association. * ( All...
  12. mariomike

    Shotgun or Sidearm?

    This may be of interest to our police officers. Shotgun or Sidearm? is a training film produced by the Pasadena, California, Police Department in the 1970's.  https://www.c-span.org/video/?413362-1/reel-america-shotgun-sidearm
  13. mariomike


    In the event any emergency services members find themselves quarantined during coronavirus, this was the protocol in Toronto prior to, and during, SARS in 2003. It remains in effect. You may wish to check if your municipality has the same. If not, it may be worth asking, "Why not?"
  14. mariomike

    MOVED: Medical exam question

    This topic has been moved to Enrollment Medical. https://army.ca/forums/threads/114808/post-1591519.html#msg1591519
  15. mariomike

    "Easy Out?" "bad paper" discharge

    This US Armed Services film is about a post-war USN sailor released on a Bad Conduct Discharge ( BCD ) aka "The Big Chicken Dinner". ( Not to be confused with a Dishonorable Discharge. ) It opens in a neighborhood. A telegram delivery guy arrives by bicycle and hands the telegram to a woman...
  16. mariomike


    The film opens with a group of sailors in their off hours as they get ready to go ashore for liberty in their enlisted dress blue uniforms. One of the sailors decides to swipe campaign ribbons from a sick crewmate’s jumper. The sailor’s misbehavior continues in town, disrespecting civilians and...
  17. mariomike

    U.S. Army July 1944 truck assembly in Normandy

    A veteran of the 148th Ordnance Motor Vehicle Assembly Company in WWII. He explains a film showing how they assembled trucks for the Red Ball Express. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhf4ynHqVqA These are deuce and a half's ( 2 ¹⁄₂-ton 6×6 Cargo truck CCKW C= designed in 1941 C = conventional...
  18. mariomike

    Edmonton soldier charged

    FYI In today's news, "•In all cases, the subject of charges is presumed innocent until proven guilty."