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    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Recruiting Centre: Ottawa ON Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade choice : materiel management tech Application date: 08 - 2021 CFAT: 01-2022 Medical: 02-2022 Interview: 02-2022 Competition list: 04-2022 Position offered: 06-2022 BMQ: 27 August 2022
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    first Posting

    Hi everyone, I got my offer will go BMQ 29th August, and I have a few more questions Is being in a French BMQ platoon will limit posting possibilities to bases in french communities till recognized Bilingue by CAF? During bmq and occupational qualification course, how much are the amounts for...
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    first Posting

    Hi everyone, I am still waiting for final the processings, Reg Supply tech, I am wondering about if the first posting - initial posting - after i finish the occupational qualification trainaing is more likely to be in the area of the Recruting Center where i applied. or I can be posted to...