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  1. quadrapiper

    Camp/garrison routine

    Afternoon all! I'm putting together a ceremonial and traditions module for a senior cadet-focused course, but have had no luck finding anything that outlines camp or garrison routine. Looking primarily to contextualize the standard bugle and bagpipe calls in their original, routine usage...
  2. quadrapiper

    Martial Arts/CQC Trg in CAF (split fm Probe of WPG soldier's suicide)

    Do you think a (re)introduction of some sort of martial art would be of value, whether something like the MCMAP, one of the "traditional" disciplines, or something MMA-ish? Could see avoiding systems where blows to the head are a key feature.
  3. quadrapiper

    Extension of eligibility for battle honours

    Was reading the War of 1812 unit recognition thread, and the following came to mind...
  4. quadrapiper

    Naval and CF references and resources

    I'm the training officer for a Sea Cadet corps in Langford, and am looking for (primarily) paper/electronic references and resources to be used to flesh out the mandatory training program, and for "professional development" with senior cadets - and am cursed with no DWAN access. Already have a...