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    U.S. set to hand Canada larger role in Afghanistan

    I'd still like to see a official Govt of Canada document that states we will be leaving in 2011. No such document exists.  The only thing official is that the current Parliamentary mandate expires in 2011.  One election could and would change this.
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    "Lesbian U.S. deserter case must be reviewed: court"

    I'm not sure of her trade but my guess is that the odds of having to kill someone is pretty slim so the conscientious objector thing is flimsy. Even clerks leave the wire from time to time.  The threat there is 360 degrees and everyone must be prepared to kill someone if it comes down to it. ...
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    "Lesbian U.S. deserter case must be reviewed: court"

    It seems to me she deserted to avoid deployment to Afghanistan. Plain and simple. She's using a loop hole in the US DOD policy as an excuse to desert and praying on the left wing thought process of the smaller courts in Canada to stay. I'm pretty sure the US Army takes death threats pretty...
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    Afghan Detainee Mega Thread

    I thought Geneva Conventions only applies to the traditional uniformed members of opposing armies, not irregular combatants like the guerrilla Taliban fighters. Nope, all PWs, detainees, Pers of Interests, bad dudes, Fighting Aged Guy awaiting questioning etc, get treated the same. Its up to...
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    Recruiting lies?

    FDO- Although I agree with you in theory that it should not happen, I have noticed numerous cases of this occurring while working at or with CFRCs (Dets).  What I've noticed about it is, Unless the Recruiter or Person on the desk is in the trade/group being asked about they have little clue of...
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    "Kurdish music star may sue OPP after dramatic highway arrest"

    For some reason, I can't get the thought of Borat out of my mind.
  7. Love793

    2009 Reg-Res Pay Rates - Published

    :coffee: Awesome 2 extra cups a month!
  8. Love793

    USMC bans Facebook, Twitter

    So what do we ban soldiers from doing after facebook? Not likely since a certain base has a FB profile set up through the PAO.
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    Who is "Control" at a D-Day Brigade HQ?

    Check the War Diaries for the Royal Canadian Hussars or with their Regimental Historian (sorry, haven't the foggiest whom that would be). They where the 7th Recce Regt during this time period. http://www.members.shaw.ca/junobeach/juno-4-9.htm
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    Revisionists challenge D-day history

    If the dissatisfied populace of Normandy want, they can have their former guests return. I'm sure they already have the maps to get there.
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    Engineer Section Commander Course

    A quick search of documentum would have resulted in a thourough answer.
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    GI who went to battle in pink boxers becomes "iconic image"

    "Any soldier who goes into battle against the Taliban in pink boxers and flip-flops has a special kind of courage," Gates said in remarks prepared for a speech in New York. Compared to the guy who fights in Man Jammies and Flip flops? I am sure this guy isn't the only one who hasn't taken the...
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    Flag/Colour Party Drill question

    The Form can be found in The CF Manual of Drill and Ceremonial A-PD-201-000/PT-000, Chapt 3 Sect 137-148.
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    Flag/Colour Party Drill question

    Paces right and left, ie "3 Paces Right Close, March"
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    New Colours For Irish Regiment of Foot Guards

    Not that I am hugely excited about drill and ceremony, but for a Guards Bn, their dressing is leaving much to be desired.