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  • Gonna try to upgrade my fitness and get a second opinion from a doctor to see if I have ITP instead of just thrombocytopenia and if it's disqualifying or not, eventually...
    I wish people everywhere realized that not everyone learns in the same style as another. Accommodate.
    Doctor says my health is fine and should not affect my future even though my blood levels are slightly abnormal.
    Heeeeey so I might have leukemia, blood cancer, or bone marrow failure according to my blood doctor. Now I have to have a bone marrow aspiration and a bone marrow biopsy… why me, man-
    So, now I have to see a hematologist because my platelets are extremely low and we have to find out why. I hope it is nothing serious and I can still serve one day...
    I guess my biggest fear is the fear of failure and messing up because of my ADHD and the iceberg of symptoms it can affect.
    I hope to one day be better at contributing to this place with advice. Need more experience in life me thinks.
    Finished Bold Eagle program this summer! Now I wait to hear back from the regiment I wish to join.
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